Valley city frog jump

I went to the valley city frog jump ever since I was a kid.  The point of it is to get a frog to jump three times from the center of a parachute and measure the distance you can touch the frog when it is in the small middle carpeted circle but not after.  There are preliminary rounds and a finals.  I think my sister Eileen came in 2nd one year.  There is food and corn and gambling even for little kids.  The first time I jumped a frog they told me to hold on to it tight.  I ended up putting a dead frog in the middle circle and I did not get the prize for shortest jump.  WE would name our frogs after the lasted serial killer in the news or Charles Manson.  one of us always had to name our frog after the guy who got us our frogs.  He eventually went to jail for molesting his grandchild who was always screaming at the frog jump.   I once got second longest jump of the day but it wasn’t in the finals so I didn’t place but I won a trophy for winning my flight.  A family from West Virginia named the Sheehans or something like that always won and there kids were shaved bald so I named my frog Bald Sheehan.  Once after winning a flight when I was a little kid someone from a newspaper interviewed me and asked me what type of frogs are the best jumpers.  I said the blacker ones.  I didn’t get printed in the newspaper and one day someone will dig up that recording and ban my comedy shows.  My nephew Jimmy won the frog jump when he was a kid and got on big chuck and little john show.  I think one year he won with a frog named god because he got it from a pond at a church.   He also won it as an adult.  One year a bunch of bikers showed up to the frog jump and after that i think they made an effort to make it more family friendly.  they now have a bounce house for kids.  no gambling.  One year I got hit in the head with a rock by a girl and had to go to the ambulance and get stitches.  I was teased alot.  Theres a story that my cousin shawn used a pin on a frog and got disqualified.  It use to be at Mack’s Lazy T ranch but they moved it to a downtown Valley City Park.  The valley city frog jump is On a Sunday in August and it never seems to rain on that day.  There is beer food corn pop but they don’t have steaks and potatoes anymore.

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