About me (read if you saw my sign) see Video of my act

I am a Schizophrenic Comedian from Cleveland.  I have been doing stand up comedy since November 2004.  I have spent over 2 years in mental hospitals and about 4 years in a group home.  I was hit by a hit and run driver and had a brain injury which might have caused my schizophrenia.  I graduated from Ohio State.  One class shy of getting a grad degree from Cleveland State.  Went to Law School for a year.  I am becoming a professional comedian when I get a car.  I am saving up for a car now.  I would like to perform at your event.  I can do 30 minutes of stand up material that I charge $100 for.  I can bring more comedians for more money.  I am on disability right now.  I sell stressballs hearts that say “My love for you is stronger than any restraining order. ” and “Love is a strange emotion yet I understand it when I’m with you.” At Salty not sweet in Cleveland.  I also sell stickers with a caricature of me in a straight jacket just like I was on Last Comic Standing in 200i8.  I am the leastl famous wrestling alumni from Westlake High school.  My instagram is @Comedianskitzomarty My twitter is @veryfunnycomedy If you want to book me send me an email at veryfunnycomedy@gmx.com

Here is a video of my act.    https://youtu.be/sDGHlORqlxM



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